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Friday, August 26, 2011

La Vie En Rose

     After all time I've lived in a lost wonderland, I decided to create another place and living. It's not that I got bored of wonderland, no, not at all. I always loved this place of mine. But this idea of creation is just too cute to ignore (even my boyfriend said it's cute).

     I was about to completely change the concept, from Little Lost Wonderland to La Vie En Rose (click to catch some explanation). In fact, I had changed everything; the name, the signs, all the atmosphere. Just before I promote the 'new' place, something bothers me. How could I destroy the place I create? I can't find the rights in me to crush Little Lost Wonderland. I froze, stared at the not-wonderland Wonderland. I clicked the 'design' sign, and slowly changed it into the old Wonderland it was.

     I created one place, why couldn't I create another? An idea got me. So there I made, a new place, a town, I call it La Vie En Rose. I think I'm gonna live there, that depends, but I'm positive. I think I'm gonna keep this little place lost. I would come visit though, for vacation or some. But my daily routines would probably be posted at my new home.

See ya later Little Lost Wonderland! Je t'aime♥

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